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Wills by Post

We like to see people when making wills, but there are occasions when it is not practical to have a first meeting. This is why we offer a service for wills by post. This is for standard or simple wills only.

There are two different ways to approach this.

Either you write to us or email your thoughts and wishes for a will together with general information about you (see our Fact Find); and we can ask any relevant questions needed in order to prepare a will.

Or alternatively, print out, complete and send to us the 3 forms:
  1. Fact Find
  2. Will Questionnaire (1 for each person making a will)
  3. Payment Form
and your cheque (if paying by that method), and we will then move forward with preparing wills from there.

The fee for our postal service is the same as the normal service - £222 (£185 plus VAT) for a single standard will, or £354 (£295 plus VAT) for two standard wills mirroring each other.

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