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We believe part of the role of a solicitor should be to help the local community. Lawyers are in a position of privilege and are able to give something back.

Some people believe free legal help is only available from legal aid, Law Centres or Citizens' Advice Bureaux. These are good places to seek help, but there are other possibilities for what lawyers term "pro bono".

Surprising as it may seem, in legal circles there can be such a thing as a free lunch. Solicitor firms give advice each year through pro bono advice lines which is valued in excess of 2 million. Most of the participants are larger City firms, but our aim is to bring this principle to Bury St Edmunds too.

We are a specialist practice and cannot assist with all legal queries, but we will try to help with suggestions (if we can) to email questions sent to us. We should be able to give brief guidance on issues relating to:
  • death certificates
  • probate matters
  • property matters
  • family issues
  • finances and investments (eg - equity release).
It is often difficult for people to know which firm to use for certain transactions. We only deal with specialist areas, so we are free to recommend other firms that might be of assistance for say conveyancing, divorce, agricultural or criminal issues.

We know little of contentious matters, such as court or tribunal cases and really cannot help with litigation. For tribunal issues there is a very helpful organisation called the Free Representation Unit which is worth considering if funds are limited- see www.freerepresentationunit.org.uk.

If you wish to ask a no cost question, then please email:

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