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Most people understand the need to make a will. It is ESSENTIAL for all. Almost as important as making a will is keeping it up to date. Now is an ideal time to make a will or to revise your existing will.

It is not an expensive process, unless matters become complicated.

Our fees for standard wills are:
Standard single will £185 + VAT
Standard two wills (mirroring each other) £295 + VAT

We are able to offer superb value for money without compromising on service or expertise. You will always have the attention of our firm principal who is a senior solicitor.

After some comments on
  • Why to make a will ; and
  • When to revise a will
The process will be outlined. It is not as complicated and daunting as some people imagine. It can be dealt with by post if that is more suitable.

Why make a will?

If you die without a will then you die intestate. The law will then decide who is to inherit your estate, based on the average will prepared in 1925! You can imagine how different families and taxation were in those days just after the first world war. It is unlikely that your assets and belonging will pass to those you want to benefit.

Certain people simply must must must make a will. For example:
  • those who have been married more than once need to ensure fairness in succession between families.
  • Couples living together must make provision for each other because the laws of intestacy do not recognize such relationships automatically
  • Married couples or civil partners with joint assets over the combined nil rate threshold for Inheritance Tax
Making a will gives peace of mind because it affords the opportunity to deal with the following elements:
  1. Funeral wishes
    Any preference can be set out in a document which is unlikely to be lost.
  2. Executors appointment
    You choose who will be responsible for administering your estate and giving effect to your wishes. At least 2 and up to 4 is recommended, and we favour 3 - eg - spouse, child (or friend) and a professional with experience in estate matters.
  3. Guardians
  4. Specific legacies
    More families fall out about specific items than anything else. It is important to specify who you want to receive jewellery or family items.
  5. Trusts
    Trusts still have a key role in succession planning in various ways, from looking after pets to providing a house for a partner for life.
  6. Inheritance Tax structure
    Drafted in certain ways, wills have the potential to save large sums of inheritance tax by using exemptions.
When to revise a will?

When circumstances materially alter it is time to review your will.

Other reasons to revise a will include:
  • Retirement
  • Inheritance
  • Tax planning
  • Birth of children or grandchildren
  • Marriage or civil partnership (as this revokes a will)
  • Divorce in the family.


It is imperative a will be prepared by a specialist professional such as us.

We are specialists in will drafting, and we will ensure that the wording clearly expresses your wishes. We are able to give guidance on tax issues, property matters and any family issues that may not be straightforward. There are strict requirements as to how a will must be signed and we will ensure everything is correct.

The first step is to decide whether you prefer:
  1. In person, or
  2. By Post.
If you prefer the postal option, then please see the Wills by Post page.

To take the traditional in person option, please contact our firm principal Jonathan Howe to make an appointment to discuss your wishes at a face-to-face meeting.

A summary of the steps involved:
  1. Contact us to make an appointment
  2. complete the questionnaire (see wills by post) before the meeting
  3. Gather together relevant information, the questionnaire (if you have had time to complete it), and your identification (eg - passport/driving licence and bank statement/utility bill)
  4. Attend the meeting (at our offices or in your own home)
  5. We prepare a draft will and send this to you to check and approve (with a bill at this point)
  6. The will is signed at our offices or in accordance with instructions
  7. Bill is paid
  8. We check signature and formalities, copy the will and furnish this to you, with original being stored (at no continuing charge) in our secure storage facility.

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